Studio Policies

Download our Student Registration Form if you would like to have it ready for you or your child’s first lesson.


All lessons are once per week. Beginner students start with one 30 minute lesson per week, and graduate to a 45 minute lesson usually by the time they are playing at a grade 2/3 level.

Lesson fees are as follows:
30 minute lesson: $100 per month
45 minute lesson: $150 per month
60 minute lessons: $200 per month

These fees work out to roughly $50/hour, if based on lesson time alone. This obviously does not account for lesson preparation time.

These fees stay the same regardless of whether there are 3, 4 or 5 lessons in the month. As the studio year begins the second week of school, there will often be only 3 lessons in September depending on which day of the week your lesson falls on. The fee for September remains the same as any other month of the year and the extra week’s fee remains in lieu of a registration and materials fee.


When students enroll in piano lessons, they are reserving their place in the studio for the entire year. Therefore, I ask that you provide me with 10 post-dated cheques for the payment of the fees for the year, dated the 10th of each month. If you wish to discontinue lessons, I require notice by the last day of the previous month.

Missed Lesson Policy

If your child needs to miss a lesson, please let me know as soon as possible, either by telephone call or text message. Make-up lessons are not guaranteed to be available, and refunds will not be given for missed lessons. If a lesson is cancelled by me due to illness or other serious reason, I will make up the lesson at an alternate time, and will contact you to discuss availability. If you have planned a vacation in advance and know that you will be away for a certain period of time at the start of the school year, please advise me of this, and deduct one week’s lesson fee from your cheque for that month.


Student assignment books will be provided at the start of the year. Some music may be provided in photocopied, loose page format, and will come three-hole-punched. I request that you send your child with a 3 hole binder at the start of the year. If you do not have one available, a recycled binder can be provided. Other material such as method books, Royal Conservatory books, etc. can either be purchased from the studio at cost, or you can contact me in advance to ask for titles if you wish to purchase material yourself. I purchase all materials either at Long & McQuade in Grande Prairie or on Amazon.


Regular home practice is essential for student success. I recommend that students practice at least 5 days per week, for at least the same length of time as their weekly lesson. Shorter, daily practice sessions are much more effective than longer sessions once or twice per week. I also recommend that students practice at least once in the 24 hour period following their lesson; studies have shown that this is the most effective way to retain new material – after 24 hours, retention drops by up to 60% according to research.

Note re: animals

Please be aware that our home is a very pet friendly home, and therefore lessons in our home are not appropriate for people with serious pet allergies.  We do our best to keep the shed fur swept up but we can’t guarantee you will never see any of it.  You may see cats around the house during your lesson but most of them are shy and will hide.  We do have a large dog but he will be put away in our garage during lesson times.  Please do not go into the back yard to see the chickens before or after your lesson unless you are accompanied by Karla or her husband Ian.